What is Trinity Kitchen?

The rumour mill is beginning to spin fast and the question on everyone's lips is "what's all this Trinity Kitchen stuff?"

That's a good question and it's one that's not so easy to answer... writing the strap line for our forthcoming ad campaign was tough given how much you could say. The best way we can describe it in ten words is as 'a unique mix of vibrant restaurants and street food vans'... but what does that mean?

The most mind bending aspect is that EVERY month we will be lifting 5 of the UK's very best street food traders into the 1st floor of Trinity Leeds, above the Boots store. Genuine street food vans, carts, sheds and trucks will take residency for just one month each before we lift them back out and bring in another 5, ensuring that there's always something new and unique to tantalise your taste buds. Each street food trader has a really unique story behind them and the food they serve is of the very highest standards.

Perhaps the best way for you to learn a bit more at this stage would be to check out some of the traders we're proud to have with us at the moment... you can check them out here: www.trinityleeds.com/trinitykitchen

We're working alongside food journalist and organiser of the annual British Street Food awards, Richard Johnson, to source the best the UK has to offer. Many of our street food vendors are competing in this years competition and you find out more about the event here. We'll be keeping a keen eye on the event as we're giving this years winner a free slot in the Kitchen.

Our street food traders will be accompanied by seven permanent cafes, bars and restaurants... all new to the City. Open from 8am until midnight you can grab one of the best coffees in town from Notes cafe, enjoy a meat feast from Chicago Rib Shack and wash it all down with a top notch glass of bubbly from 360 Champagne & Cocktails. Other fantastic brands joining the line up are PhoTortillaPizzaLuxe and Chip & Fish.

Street food comes to Trinity Leeds