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Leeds’ most Instagrammable lattes? They’re blue.

Having the blues has never looked so good.

We know what you’re thinking. But no, we haven’t just whacked a Hudson filter on and turned up the contrast.

We’re introducing the most Instagrammable latte yet: Insomnia’s Blue Latte.

Made with Oatly, the blue colouring comes from a blend of butterfly pea flower powder, ginger and coconut blossom sugar.

It’s caffeine- and dairy-free too, so you and your #fitfam don’t have to compromise your #eatclean regime.  

Blue Latte Insomnia Primark Leeds

(Pssst: if you’re more about the #happytummy, try out the new Pumpkin Pie Latte. Made with a double shot of premium fairtrade espresso, it’s mixed with their special pumpkin pie syrup that makes for a spicy, sweet and oh-so-sippable treat)

Start planning your visit to Insomnia – which is inside Primark – here.