Rola Wala launches an EPIC new range of fillings

LOCATION: Rola Wala Trinity Kitchen 
WHEN: 11am Daily

Rola Wala are launching not one, but two new flavours! 


Slowly roasted for hours, perfectly juicy and surprisingly light. Packed with Rola Wala's favourite Indian spices – mustard, cumin, and fenugreek seeds, as well as a good lug of red wine vinegar, onions, and of course the Naga chilli. The final dish is slightly acidic with a gentle ‘medium’ heat – but nothing like those sweaty curry’s you find in a typical Indian restaurant.


Our NEW Vegan Keralan Cauliflower is jam packed with big flavours from nutritious fruit and vegetables – sweet potato, pineapple, coconut, chickpeas, coriander, chilli, and tamarind, transformed by spices like turmeric, cumin and mustard seeds to create a sweet, spicy, and tart dish – and totally vegan? Ridiculous.

Available at Rola Wala Trinity Leeds from the 19th of October!

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