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Public Art at Trinity Leeds

Leeds has an impressive collection of artworks in the public realm and Trinity Leeds are delighted to bring more contemporary artworks into shared spaces


Trinity Leeds shopping centre has opened with its own collection of artworks, an iconic architecturally impressive glass roof with individually programmable LED’s and integrated and interactive digital media screens.  Art enlivens spaces, provides landmark places to meet, a talking point and different points of interest and is integrated into different aspects of the development. ‘Equus Altus’, Andy Scott’s packhorse is a central feature in the atrium and not so far from that is a unique and colourful gate located against the backdrop of Holy Trinity Church.  The Trinity Leeds Owl is like a gem, brightly gold and silver, perched high above for people to discover and there is ‘Minerva’ on the main entrance to Trinity Leeds on Briggate itself.  The digital screens combine retail content, information with more interactive art based visuals.  Together these elements combine to bring retail, leisure, art, architecture animated by the audiences circulating.  Some artworks are purely aesthetic, interactive and others functional creating a fluid environment with colour, grandeur with some surprises.

As part of the Trinity Leeds development Land Securities commissioned artists, in the region and beyond to develop permanent and temporary art interventions / installations.  It has been the desire to create a series of engaging and culturally relevant artworks to enhance everyone’s experience of the new environments and thoroughfares being created, alongside offering shadow placement opportunities within the scheme.  The commissioning took place over an 18 month period between 2011 and 2013.


Trinity Leeds is a retail scheme with interesting and quirky things to look at, engage with and sit on.  Art in public spaces enlivens destinations and creates a unique connection between the visitor and the artwork in the space.  It creates an opportunity to gaze, look, glance to engage, talk about, photograph, text, tweet and exchange opinions.

Having invested over half a million pounds in permanent and temporary artwork prior to opening in March 2013, we are now on the hunt for local artists to submit their work for commission via our new temporary art programme.  The programme, which opens to the public for submissions in February 2014, will offer local artists the chance to showcase their work to the public, in the heart of the city centre.

Commissioned by Trinity Leeds Art Facilitator and artist, Antonia Stowe, up to six regional artists will be handpicked to design and develop unique pieces of work which will be displayed at Trinity Leeds over the course of the year. The commissions will sit alongside Trinity Leeds’ permanent selection of artwork, including the likes of striking sculptures Equus Altus and the Briggate Minerva by the internationally renowned Andy Scott. to register an interest.


“Working on behalf of Land Securities and in partnership with the local authority has required us all to think about the layers of time and history of how Leeds has developed into the city we see today and indeed beyond.  Leeds has an impressive public art collection and here at Trinity Leeds we are contributing to the city’s next chapter by developing a private collection which sits within the greater city portfolio. ” Antonia Stowe


Interestingly, Leeds is now part of the Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle promoting fantastic venues and spaces for seeing sculpture and exhibitions.  We have a lot to offer and artists have been part of the cultural blood running through our region with impact globally