Home pride is a not just a feeling, it’s a state of mind. Because feeling calm during the day and keen to run home to cosy up in your room all comes down to the dopamine hit you get from wonderful décor and a tranquil environment. If done correctly, a room redecoration can be one of the most healing processes on the planet - after all, we change all the time, so it only makes sense that our space reflects that. Redecorating is a way to switch up your surroundings so that they suit how you’re feeling as of late, so that your room feels fresh yet cosy, and custom but never complacent. However, drilling holes and building shelves may not be activities we can fit in your schedule- nor may they sit well with your landlord.

So, as the turn of spring and a desire to reincarnate comes upon us, we need methods for updating our originality without being seriously obtrusive. Luckily not only do those methods exist but they’re easily available at Trinity Leeds, most notably at H&M and their incredible homeware collection. From room-brightening cushions to eye-catching ornaments, here's our edit of the best new pieces from H&M home to get your space spruced up for spring.