Living in England, our ability to take occasional weekend trips abroad to other places within Europe is a luxury we love to take advantage of. For those regular brief breaks, it’s crucial to have a go-to bag. Besides, if you haven’t already heard, some of the cheaper airlines have limited their carry-on restrictions even more, making us tighten our budgets and question our current travel baggage. For a smaller weekend trip, a single smaller bag seems reasonable, besides there’s no point in carrying unnecessary weight. But for the avid shopper, stuffing in all your favourite things can be a challenge. Yet, if you’ve got the right gear, it should be a breeze. So whether your current bag is too worn out from the sitting on long rides on transport or hauling through foreign streets over the years, or the size just isn’t suitable as a carry-on for a smaller trip- then now is prime time to invest in a new weekend trip bag. Lucky for you, at here Trinity we’ve got something for everyone. Whether you prefer something you can carry around duty free or roll through passport security, we’ve got your dream weekender bag right here.