Easter bank holiday quickly came and went, and although we’re worshiping our back to back 4-day weeks, we can’t help but muse over that dreamy long weekend behind our stuffy office desks. Our mini beach getaways, the countryside escapes and just lounging in parks soaking up the hot British sun seem like so long ago now. And now it’s straight back to work for the majority of us, but it’s not all doom and gloom. We have a simple trick to make you feel motivated and inspired for those long work days ahead, and it all starts off with a little bit of selfcare. Because when you look good, you feel good, and there’s nothing that will enthuse you more than a new, pretty work dress to show off to your envious colleagues.

With spring slowly turning into summer, it’s about time we got our pasty arms and legs out that were hidden away over winter, so they can catch a quick bit of colour during our lunch breaks – all whilst looking professional of course. And with a few swift clicks, you can do the same with these trending work dresses that will bring some style and colour into your grey office space. Some florals here and some pastels there, you’ll be taking that outdoor sunshine straight into the work room in one grand entrance.

Keep scrolling to find yourself your new statement workwear dress, which is sure to attract a flood of pass by compliments as well as becoming your spring and summer office staple.