Although it arguably is an unspoken understanding, it’s time we talk about the most outstanding fashion feature that’s made absolute tsunami’s in fashion waters this year: the puffed sleeve.

Is there a celebrity or influencer we haven’t seen wearing this? It seems like at every snazzy event this summer, or anywhere on our instagram, we’re seeing girls flaunting the iconic puffed sleeve. Can we blame them? There’s something about it that automatically looks trendy. We don’t know if it’s the milk-maid aura, or the Little House on the Prairie vibes, but we know that it looks good. 

If you wear your puffed sleeve in a midi or maxi dress, our studies show that it works best with a pair of neutral leather mules. For a mini dress, go for strappy sandals, preferably ones that tie around the ankle, AND a knot headband for additional trend-targeting. As a top, we love it as a tie-in-the-middle or button up crop top, paired with wide leg trousers and chunky clog sandals to channel the chicest 70’s-inspired look of all time. 

However you choose to wear them, we’re not fussed, because we know you’re bound to love them nonetheless. See what the hype is about: