We all know the affect that cold weather can have on our hair. We’re talking about dryness, frizz, static flyaways and a distinct lack of the ad-worthy, luxury shine that we’ve always dreamed about. It can be especially harsh on those of us who already suffer from dry hair. With the addition of extreme cold, aggressive central heating and regular movement between the two, there’s a risk of hair breakage, split ends and flaky scalp. It’s far from ideal, especially when we would rather focus on styling our new baker boy hats and diamanté hair slides.

Just as you swap in a new autumn wardrobe and update your skincare routine for the cold, so too should you for your hair. It should all be about gentle care, getting as much moisture in and protecting it from the elements. Want to know how? Here are our favourite tips and tricks to caring for cold weather hair and achieving that oh so elusive ad-worthy shine.