Let’s face it, this may not be the last we’ll see of the sun, but given the intrusion of grey skies and a less-than-friendly breeze invading the streets of Yorkshire, we’ve accepted that it’s time to talk transitionals. By transitionals, we don’t mean glasses, we’re talking season transitional wardrobe pieces. 

So if we’re talking transitionals, jackets are our prime piece of sartorial interest. Jackets are our only comfort in the weird time between summer and autumn, and winter and spring, so we owe them a lot. They’re undeniably an item we can count on. But some we tend to favour more than others. A jacket that will somehow always see us through seasons while looking timelessly dapper but in the most casual way, is the denim jacket. 

Being such a key piece of your autumn wardrobe, you don’t want to put too little thought into which denim jacket you choose, but being that the end of summer is a time to reign in the spending, you also don’t want to spend more than you should on a quality jacket. That’s where we can help. We put together a collection of our 10 favourite denim jackets from the best of high street menswear, in no particular order. 

So please, enjoy the shopping- we know we did.