Yes, they’re back. 

We know what you’re thinking: where did they go? Well, admittedly, halter necks have been ever-present in fashion since their mainstream exposure in the 50’s via big skirted swing dresses, before skipping forward to the 90’s and 2000’s with infamous bandana tops paired with dangerously low rise jeans. But at the break of the 2010’s, we were losing sight of the neck-hugging halter dresses, tops and jumpsuits we so dearly loved. 

Thankfully, we’re currently in the midst of witnessing Miss Halter’s epic come-back. We’re seeing her make appearances in the plunge cuts, prints, and in all the mini, midi and maxi dresses of the world. And can we just say, we’re massive fans. In the last weeks of warm weather, these dresses look amazing with a pair of small-heel strappy white sandals. To add a little edge, fashion girls are increasingly being seen wearing the midi dress and chunky white trainers combo, especially with a pair of white quarter-length socks.

No matter how they’re worn, they always channel strong retro vibes, especially one of our favourites right now: the high neck midi dress. If we find one in a satin - consider us sold. So if you’re still haven’t joined the halter-loving club, come along. We’re accepting new members- on the basis of their enthusiasm for fabulous clothes.