We don’t just want to change our wardrobes and haircuts come the new season. Heck, thanks to that ‘new school term feeling’, we want to feel like a whole new person. A key factor of this is choosing a new autumnal fragrance and, lucky for us, the market is awash with new, exciting choices.

While, on the technical side fragrance falls into one of seven categories – floral, fruity, fresh, citrus, oriental, woods, or spicy – in the autumn its natural to shy away from light, fresh scents and gravitate towards something that reflects the cold, dark weather. Just think about all the best things this season has to offer, like woodland walks, smoky fireplaces, spices such as cinnamon and supple leather. 

Within the fragrance world there are varying levels of intensity. So, if you prefer a lighter touch, opt for an Aftershave; with only about 1% to 3% perfume oil, and as a post-shave soother, this is the gentlest option and its smell only lasts for about 3 hours. Cologne sits in the middle (with 2% to 5%) while Eau De Toilette has the highest percentage of oil (4% to 8%), meaning that it is too strong to be used on the face. Apply to the traditional spots (neck and wrists) and the fragrance should last up to 8 hours. 

With new options based on everything from favourite scents to personality traits, mood and time of day you spritz, its hard to even begin thinking of picking out a new scent. Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work, sniffing our way through 2019’s crop of the best. There’s something here for everyone – from fragrances on the sweeter, fresher side to deep musky scents.

Our final tip: just make sure you trial scents on your skin before buying. They can smell very differently in the bottle.