After one of the hottest days of UK history hit us like a sweaty tidal wave, we’re all a little bit warier of the impact that blazing sun is having on our skin. Burnt noses, red cheeks and inflamed chests were inevitably spotted everywhere from London streets through to Cornwall’s seaside towns, as temperatures reached as high as 38 degrees. Many of us are eager to get our tan on - with some of even going to great lengths to get it - but, whilst we cannot deny loving a bit of bronzed skin, what we love more is protecting our faces and ageing gracefully, and with a bit of SPF, we indeed can do both.

Sun damage is no joke. Whilst we often see the immediate outcomes that we assume will pass after slapping on the Aloe Vera and saying a quick prayer, it’s the long-term effects that we can quickly forget about. Wrinkly, aged skin seems like a nightmare for most of our future selves, but that may in fact be the least of our worries! Of course, there are some easy, affordable solutions to this issue, and that’s investing in some everyday SPF that your older self will love you for buying. 

Whilst sun cream seems like the obvious answer, you can also get some great protecting SPF products through moisturisers, CC creams and even foundations, so, your everyday makeup and beauty routine doesn’t have to have an extra, tedious step added in. With that being said, we’ve got some of the best SPF inclusive products that you need to buy ASAP. You can thank us in a few years’ time!